About Us


Company Profile

Urban Escapes is a Full Service Landscape and Design Company based on creating and improving the interaction between humans and nature, and doing so using environmentally friendly means.  Our company is based on the principle of getting people to enjoy their own backyard in a way that creates an outdoor escape from the indoor life we have so become accustomed to.

Having been in the business for over 20 years we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.  Urban Escapes is a representative of who we are and we enjoy that people look at us as a company who does everything it can to do the best job the first time and every time.  


Why Choose Us

We strive to get to know each one of our customers on a very personal level.  We have found that there is no other way to know what type of things will draw our clients to be comfortable and relaxed in the outdoors, without getting to know them.  When we work hand in hand with our clients, they get more of what they want and feel like they had a part in the creation of their own personal escape.

Our creative design process is Unique!  Instead of giving you one design to choose from, we enjoy giving our clients options.  In the initial design stage we create multiple options of the space that is to be worked on so you can imagine the different ways it can look.  Giving the extra option makes the client even more sure of what they want, making the project even more pleasing in the end.


Environmentally Friendly

We landscaped the First LEED house in Mpls!

We use all means necessary to make our projects safe for the environment.  Whether it be by recycling all of our unused materials, recycling all the plastic pots that plants come in, or by using recycled materials, we are always thinking about the environment.  We even recycle our plastic water bottles that our crews use during the hottest days of the summer.  We care that much!  The new crave is the permeable paving systems, rain gardens and rain barrels to keep the water out of the cities sewer systems and to reuse it water your own gardens.  Ask us today on how we can help you save your part of the environment.

Our Installers are first rate and very critical of their work.  We won't install something that we would not install for our own mothers.  If a product has a flaw in it, we exchange it.  If a step is off centered, we center it(even if it is on the bottom of 6 other steps).  We make sure that everything is perfect before we leave the jobsite.  This is why we have made Customer Satisfaction our main goal!